Dishwashing Powder - Abode

Dishwashing Powder - Abode


$10.95 per kilo or $2.73 per 250g


'Abode' Dishwasing Powder, for automatic dishwasing machines.  

- Chlorine free, high performance, anti residue, greywater safe.  


Recommended use:

- 15g for a light load

- 30g for a normal load


Ingredients: Sodium citrate (food grade) - plant based

Sodium Disilicate - Derived from sand this is the stuff we use as a replacement for phosphates and zeolites.  It works better, disolves faster and is not hazardous to the environment.  

Sodium Metasilicate - This unique sand based material is also used in aquaculture and food preservation.

Baking Soda (food grade) - The stuff that makes dough rise.  It has many uses in cooking, cleaning and the medical world.  We use it as an alkalinity builder.

Sodium Percarbonate - Also known as solid hydrogenperoxide.  An oxidizing agent whose active componenet biodegrades into water and oxygen.  

Alcohol Ethoxylate - 100% plant based biodegradable surfactant made from GMO free sugar.

Enzymes - Algae-based and biodegradable, these enymes are designed to effectively remove the most stubborn stains.

Sodium Gluconate - Derived from glucose, we use it as a chelating agent.

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