Dishwashing liquid - Abode

Dishwashing liquid - Abode


$9.95 per kilo or $2.39 per 250g


Directions:  Squirt a moderate amount into the sink and fill with water.

Safety Directions:  Kep out of reach of children.  Not to be taken.  Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.  Store in a cool dry place below 30oC.  Do not mix with detergents, bleaches or other chemicals except as directed in these instructions.  First Aid - Poisons Information Centre, Ph 131126 In Australia or contact a doctor.



Water, Alkylpolyglucosides - made from renewable plant resources, they are used widely in cleaning, food and cosmetic industries.

Sodium Fatty Alcohol Sulphate - (plant based) - this is one of our naturally derived wetting agents.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate - a sodium salt derived from plant oils.  

Sodium Lactate - Food grade and derived from Sugars

Citric Acid - (food grade) - found in citrus fruits and is used as an antioxidant in fod.

Sodium Citrate (food grade) 

Phenoxyethanol and Ethythexylglycerin (preservative), lavender and mint essential oil blend

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